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Hosted Buyer Program

Join a bespoke networking initiative for leading HealthTech buyers and easily navigate the healthcare ecosystem with its technological change.

Do I qualify?

Targeted networking based on 15-minute double opt-in meetings

Reliable partners & cutting-edge solutions

Personal relationships

1:1 matchmaking concierge service

Attend for free

Empowering Connections, Catalyzing Innovations

The Hosted Buyer Program at is central to our mission of fostering impactful connections in the healthcare tech landscape. This initiative is pivotal in bringing together key buyers with groundbreaking startups and solution providers.

The Hosted Buyer Program is for you if you want to easily find the right technological solutions from the wide range on offer to improve efficiency within your organization or source new services for higher customer satisfaction.

What'S in for you?


Your attendance is free and for the first 100 hosted buyers we even reimburse up to €750 (incl. VAT) of your travel and hotel costs.

Efficient & Flexible Meetings

You're in control of your meetings. Schedule at least 5 meetings and enjoy all elements of the conference.


You can meet a selection of reliable partners with their innovative solutions to tackle your company's biggest challenges - from streamlining processes and cost cutting to improving quality of care.

Hosted Buyer

The Hosted Buyer's Lunch is about meeting peers. It’s the perfect chance to mingle with pioneers, discuss challenges and opportunities and actively shape the future of healthcare.

1:1 concierge assistance

Our matchmaking experts facilitate a seamless networking experience. Benefit from a personalized recommendation & support behind every meeting.

Strong Win:Win

As a hosted buyer, you enjoy several benefits while we commit to host the best vendors. With your commitment to at least five pre-scheduled meetings with our vendors, you actively help shape the future of healthcare. Participate now to discover more great solutions to tackle your company's biggest challenges.

Do you qualify?

The program is designed for executives at the senior level from insurance, healthcare provider and health system companies who play a pivotal role in guiding their organization's digital transformation.

You’re working for a global tech-driven company in the healthcare industry (MedTech & Pharma) aiming at intensifying alliances with both buyers and other vendors yourself?

Register your interest today and we’ll get in touch to discuss your access to the Hosted Buyer Program.

Who are you?

You’re working for a healthcare provider, health system, payer or in a global tech-driven Pharma or MedTech company in the healthcare industry.

Do You have a need?

You’re looking for a solution or strategic partnership for your business.

Can you make decisions?

You’re responsible for searching cutting-edge technology, evaluating health technology solutions and can influence large financial decisions done in your company or are the main decision-maker yourself.

Is your jobtitle a fit?

This is an incomplete list of job titles fitting the program:
CIO, CTO, CDO, COO, CISO, CMO, VP IT, Director of procurement, Director People & Culture, clinical leaders as well as senior executive positions overseeing operations, technology and finance

We acknowledge the need of a joint assessment of innovative solutions with colleagues. We therefore welcome several individuals from one buyer’s organization as long as their area of responsibility is complementary.

How does it work?

Apply first - get accepted - and then it only gets easier.

1. Set up your profile

3 weeks before the conference you log into our hosted buyer platform and set up your profile.

2. Connect with your personal concierge

Enjoy 1:1 recommendations and guidance every step of the way.

3. Browse attending vendors

Based on your profile, vendors are recommended to you. In addition, you can search and filter for suitable offerings.

4. Request & accept meetings

While browsing, you can easily schedule meetings. Approach the most relevant vendors and check for requests directed to you.

5. Meet & do business

At the event you meet at your dedicated table within the Hosted Buyer Meeting Area. Our matchmaking professionals assists you if necessary.

selected vendors

How to join as vendor?

If your clients are insurances, health providers or companies in the health system - this is your hunting ground.

These are your chances to present your product.

Simple as that. Get a vendor or consultant ticket to request unlimited meetings with Hosted Buyers.

We offer you huge exposure in different packages. Our team will help you to get the best bang for your buck.

Become a partner


5-6 June 2024 In Munich


What is the Hosted Buyer Program in a nutshell?

The Hosted Buyer Program is an assisted networking format tailored for healthtech buyers and solution providers to facilitate highly efficient in-person, 15-minute meetings for real business interactions. The Hosted Buyer Program is based on double opt-in matchmaking where participants set up their own meetings by sending and accepting meeting requests within the platform. The hosted buyer platform offers a personalized experience to help schedule meetings by empowering participants with intelligent recommendations and search and filter functions to choose whom they wish to meet.

How does the Hosted Buyer Program work?

1. Apply to participate in the Hosted Buyer Program.

2. Get feedback on your application.

3. If accepted as hosted buyer, attend the event for free and enjoy support and assistance from us in advance.

4. Wait for the hosted buyer platform to go live and set up your networking profile.

5. Request and accept at least five meetings with interesting solution providers using our hosted buyer platform.

6. Show up at, take the meetings, connect with the most relevant healthtech companies and walk away with critical insights and new business partners.

What do I get?

You receive a complimentary all-access ticket for 2024 and access to the Hosted Buyer's Lunch - an exclusive meeting with peers only. We commit to providing complete attention to ensure a smooth and efficient event attendance at your convenience. Finally, for the first 100 hosted buyers we will reimburse up to €750 (incl. VAT) of their travel and hotel costs.

What type of vendors will I be meeting?

Vendors able to request meetings with you are providing healthtech solutions and services. This encompasses vendors attending including our valuable partners, exhibiting startups and scaleups as well as consultants within the health sector.

How will I be able to browse and vet the vendors and schedule meetings?

Based on the vendors' and the buyers' networking profiles, a list of vendor representatives is recommended based on relevance to you. The list contains information about each solution provider including their name, job title and company. In addition to your suggested matches, you can search by keyword or filter profiles by job role and/or areas of interest and intents. Both parties have to agree for a meeting to be confirmed. Simply click ‘Connect' and then 'Suggest meeting' on a solution provider's profile to initiate a request. If the vendor accepts, they will choose a mutually available time to book the meeting. If you receive a meeting request, you can accept, decline or reschedule the meeting, allowing you maximum flexibility.

When will I be able to schedule meetings with vendors?

The hosted buyer platform will launch up to three weeks prior to 2024. By participating in the Hosted Buyer Program, you agree to be available to send, receive and accept meeting requests as of this launch date. Meetings can be scheduled and rescheduled any time until and even during 2024.

When will the hosted buyer meetings take place?

The hosted buyer meetings will take place during the two conference days on 5-6 June 2024 based on the conference's opening hours in a dedicated meeting area on the show floor. When the hosted buyer platform launches up to three weeks prior to the event, participants will be able to manage their availability. Since these are double opt-in meetings, the appointments take place at times when both parties are available.

When do I need to be available?

You commit to attend 2024 on 5-6 June 2024. Of course, you can customize your time on-site and schedule meetings according to your availabilities and needs.

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