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Welcome an even broader assembly of curators to We're excited to spotlight our
curator team, starting with the familiar faces to new industry leaders supporting our conference.

✔ High-profile

✔ Digital Health-experienced

✔ Driven for change

The Founding Partners

Dr. Matthias Zach

Program Lead

Roche Diagnostics GmbH

Matthias Zach champions digital health initiatives at Roche, bridging groundbreaking research and startup innovation with market insights to enhance patient care.

At, Matthias exemplifies the synergy between research, startups and digital innovation, actively promoting collaborations that drive digital health forward.

His efforts at Roche underscore a commitment to leveraging digital technologies and partnerships to address healthcare challenges, marking him as a key figure in shaping the dialogue on the future of health and technology at the conference. Matthias’s role highlights the importance of integrating scientific advancements and startup innovation with digital applications, ensuring healthcare evolves to meet the needs of patients globally.

Dr. Kurt Höller


EIT Health

Kurt Höller combines engineering expertise, entrepreneurial zeal, and a robust network to drive healthtech innovation and community growth.

At, Kurt's multifaceted background as an engineer, researcher, entrepreneur, and networker enriches the conference with a deep understanding of both the technological and entrepreneurial aspects of healthtech.

His various leadership roles,currently as the new Managing Director of the German-Swiss EIT Health CLC, underscore his commitment to advancing the sector. Kurt's extensive experience, from founding startups to shaping startup programs and contributing significantly to the EIT Health ecosystem, positions him as a key figure in redefining healthtech's future. 

His role is crucial in connecting innovators and facilitating the exchange of ideas that propel the industry forward.

The Co-Chairs

Farina Schurzfeld

Managing Partner

And Robin

Farina Schurzfeld, a serial entrepreneur and digital health innovator, co-founded Selfapy and leads AndRobin, shaping the future of healthcare with her strategic vision and vast experience in venture capital backed company building.

Since 2016, Farina has been at the forefront of digital health, leveraging her vast experience to launch innovative products that meet today's healthcare challenges. Her strategic vision has been instrumental in shaping the future of, where she's known for her unique ability to blend empathy with intuition and strategic growth hacking. This powerful combination has enabled her to lead and grow startups into prominent brands and profitable ventures.

Farina's career is a mosaic of significant achievements, from playing foundational roles in globally expanding companies like Groupon and Airtasker to steering Selfapy, Germany's leading online therapy platform, towards unprecedented growth. Her journey reflects a deep understanding of the startup ecosystem, marked by a commitment to nurturing visible brands and fostering innovation in digital health.

Her passion for digital health innovation, coupled with an extensive network, makes Farina a pivotal figure in driving's mission forward. She's not just building businesses; she's catalyzing change and advancing healthcare technology to improve lives.

Christoph Commes

Founder & Co-CEO

Raya Diagnostics

Christoph Commes, a multifaceted leader in digital health, blends strategic finance and innovation to enhance healthcare solutions.

At, Christoph's diverse background from strategy consulting to C-level roles in startups, demonstrates his adeptness at driving business development and operational excellence.

His recent venture into Raya Diagnostics showcases his commitment to solving critical challenges in healthcare with digital solutions. Christoph's deep understanding of the startup ecosystem, as well as the hospital ecosystem, and his belief in digital health's potential make him a valuable contributor to the conference.  

His ability to scale startups and navigate investment rounds enriches the dialogue on digital health innovation, fostering growth and collaboration in the field.

The Curators

Aahuti Rai

Advisor & Venture Partner

Four Points Health, Conduit Connect

change management
business consulting

Aahuti Rai is a transformative force in the health-tech ecosystem, dedicated to reshaping healthcare through strategic innovation and impactful collaboration.

As a curator at, Aahuti stands at the forefront of the movement to redefine healthcare. Her approach is rooted in a deep-seated belief in the power of digital health solutions, complemented by human interactions, to enact meaningful change. With an extensive background in strategic planning, change management, and innovation strategy, Aahuti leverages her expertise to foster a radical rethink of healthcare accessibility, definition, and effectiveness.

Aahuti's energy thrives on solving challenges within the healthtech space, working strategically with innovators to increase market access, engagement and adoption of technologies that promise better health outcomes for all.

Aline Noizet


Digital Health Connector

digital health
ecosystem connector
innovation champion

Passionate about transforming healthcare through technology, Aline Noizet is a leading figure in digital health, leveraging her extensive network to foster meaningful collaborations and advancements.

As a curator at, Aline is dedicated to building bridges between the myriad components of the healthtech ecosystem, ensuring the conference not only showcases cutting-edge solutions but also fosters an environment of collaboration and growth. 

Aline is founder of Digital Health Connector and part of the nina capital team, a pan European healthtech venture capital. Her background as a program manager for Bayer's Grants4Apps, Business Development Director for Health 2.0, and her involvement with eHealth Hub, underscores her commitment to elevating digital health initiatives and her capacity to drive change. Through her work, Aline embodies the spirit of innovation and the relentless pursuit of improving healthcare outcomes.

Benjamin Belot


Kurma Partners

early-stage investment
digital health

Partner at Kurma Partners, investing in early-stage healthtech & techbio companies across Europe. Through his role as a curator of, Benjamin seeks to bridge the gap between investment strategies, technological advancements, and real-world applications. 

Armed with a Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering and an MBA from INSEAD, Benjamin provided strategic counsel in the pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and medical devices sectors at Alcimed, led digital health investments for Zuellig Pharma in Southeast Asia, and worked at Janssen, where he managed the oncology product portfolio.

With a wealth of experience, Benjamin brings invaluable insights from the healthcare investment world.

Dr. Dr. Andre Heeg

Managing Director & Partner

BCG X, docdre ventures

healthcare transformation
digital transformation
strategic consulting

Andre Heeg, from surgeon to digital health visionary, is transforming healthcare at BCG X, pioneering solutions to extend quality care beyond traditional boundaries.

In his role at, Andre embodies the transition from hands-on clinical practice to digital healthcare innovation. His journey from a maxillofacial reconstructive surgeon to leading roles at Zocdoc and Sandoz, and now at BCG X, showcases his unwavering commitment to enhancing healthcare access and quality through technology. Andre’s unique blend of medical expertise, digital business acumen, and strategic consulting experience enables him to forge partnerships that redefine healthcare delivery. 

His work is a testament to the power of leveraging technology to impact lives on a global scale, making him a crucial contributor to conference's mission to inspire and facilitate healthcare transformation.

Dr. Janina Beilner

SVP Healthcare Market


healthcare education
workforce solutions
customer service

Dr. Janina Beilner, Senior Vice President Healthcare Market at Siemens.
Creating Smart Healthcare using digitalization to improve sustainability, business outcomes and patient experience.

Optimizing building operations and streamlining processes using digital twins. Janina is a medical doctor (MD, PhD) with ~20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, trained at Medical University Hospital Hannover, MGH Boston, Stanford Clinics and NUH Singapore. Before joining SIEMENS she was working in the pharmaceutical industry at Johnson&Johnson. She has extensive knowledge in growing large scale businesses as well as building new businesses leveraging latest technologies to scale the business, e.g. digital ecosystems, platform business, AR/VR, etc. She spent a substantial time in Asia Pacific/China while heading clinical research for SIEMENS Healthineers.

Furthermore, Janina is appointed lecturer at FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg affiliated to the Technical University under the chair of Artificial Intelligence and Biomedical Engineering / Machine Learning and Data Analytics. She conducts the seminars “Leading by Learning” and “ AI and Digitalization in Healthcare” and is intensively looking into Quantum Computing and possible applications in healthcare.

Dr. Philipp Rösler


Consessor AG, Former Minister of Health, Germany

health innovation
strategic leadership
business consulting

Dr. Philipp Rösler, former Vice-Chancellor of Germany and Founder & CEO of Concessor AG, is a distinguished figure in global policy and healthcare innovation.

Holding management consulting mandates as well as supervisory board memberships in known Swiss and international companies, Dr. Philipp Rösler brings a wealth of experience to He started his career as a medical doctor at the German Armed Forces before transitioning into politics in 2003. He served as the chairman of the Free Democratic Party in the German state of Lower-Saxony, where he was Deputy-Prime Minister and Minister of Economics, Labour and  Transport. In 2009, he joined the Federal Government of Germany as a Minister of Health in Federal Chancellor Merkel's second cabinet. In 2011, he was elected as the Chairman of the Free Democratic Party in Germany and changed his portfolio to Federal Minister of Economics and Technology. He also became Vice-Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany. 

After leaving politics in 2013, Dr. Philipp Rösler joined the Managing Board of the World Economic Forum in Geneva for four years. Now based in Zürich, he has been collecting trusting clients and board memberships.

Edward Kliphuis

Partner, Digital Medicine

Sofinnova Partners

digital medicine
venture capital
biopharmaceutical innovation

Edward Kliphuis is an energetic and purpose-driven venture capitalist at Sofinnova Partners, focusing on transformative investments in digital medicine.

At, Edward's role is crucial in spotlighting the potential of digital medicine to revolutionize healthcare. His journey from M Ventures, where he supported groundbreaking digital health innovations like FDA-approved video game therapy, to his current position at Sofinnova Partners, illustrates his dedication to advancing healthcare through strategic investments.

Edward's background in biopharmaceutical sciences and his experience in both venture capital and listed securities provide him with a unique perspective on the intersection of science, innovation, and finance, making him a key player in conference's mission to foster forward-thinking discussions and collaborations in the healthtech ecosystem.

Felix Faltin

CEO & Co-Founder


digital health investment
technology policy advisor

Felix Faltin, Co-Founder and CEO of, is renowned for his ability to streamline healthcare through strategic innovations and a deep commitment to digital transformation.

Within, Felix brings a unique blend of policy knowledge, strategic investment acumen, and hands-on operational expertise. His journey from public policy studies in Washington, D.C., to pivotal roles in Vienna and engagements with the global healthcare group Fresenius, showcases his comprehensive understanding of the healthcare sector's complexities and opportunities for innovation.

In his current role at, Felix is redefining what it means to drive healthcare forward. His approach is not just about curating ideas but actively facilitating growth and connecting diverse concepts to create tangible solutions. While his previous tenure at Speedinvest, where he adeptly managed digital health investments, was instrumental in shaping his perspective, it is at that his vision is coming to full fruition.

Inga Bergen


VdG Media & InBergen

digital health
patient-first innovation

Inga Bergen harnesses AI and digital solutions to pioneer preventative and patient-focused healthcare transformations.

Inga's contribution to emphasizes the power of digital health to revolutionize patient care, from disease prevention to enhancing life quality. With a notable background as an entrepreneur and in leadership roles, she's driven by the potential of technology to transform healthcare. 

Recognized for her expertise and as a leading voice in health and science, Inga is also a dynamic podcaster and speaker, advocating for innovations that put patients at the center of healthcare solutions.

Maciek Drozdz



venture capital
strategic partnerships

Maciek Drozdz, entrepreneur and company founder, is a driving force in advancing innovative ventures, combining venture capital acumen with a deep understanding of biotechnology.

At, Maciek's role is pivotal in identifying and nurturing innovative healthcare solutions. His decade-long experience in venture capital and biotech, including leading positions at Antagonis Biotherapeutics and Entrepreneurs Fund LLP, reflects his expertise in propelling startups from concept to reality.

Maciek's blend of scientific knowledge and strategic investment skills, honed through his molecular biology background and an MBA from Said Business School, aligns with's mission of fostering cutting-edge health technologies. His insights and investments are key to shaping the future landscape of healthcare innovation.

Michael Sahnau

Director Health & Life Science

Microsoft Deutschland

digital innovation
healthcare transformation
strategic leadership

Michael Sahnau, Director of Health & Life Science at Microsoft Deutschland, combines over 25 years of IT expertise with a passion for advancing healthcare technology.

In his influential role at, Michael Sahnau brings a wealth of experience from Microsoft, where he leads initiatives in Health & Life Science. His background in fostering sustainable IT businesses and strong customer partnerships is crucial in his work at Microsoft Deutschland, where he spearheads innovative technology solutions in the healthcare sector. Michael's ability to adapt to market needs and manage high-level customer relations showcases his strategic leadership in integrating IT with healthcare.

His involvement in is pivotal, highlighting his commitment to leveraging IT innovation for enhancing healthcare services.

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Meier

Founding Partner

YZR Capital

healthtech investment
medical innovation
innovators mentorship

Dr. Reinhard Meier combines his medical expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to transform healthcare through strategic investments and support for healthtech innovators.

In his role at, Reinhard applies his diverse experience as a physician, entrepreneur, and investor to nurture startups aiming to become global technology leaders. His work with YZR Capital showcases his commitment to enhancing the European healthtech ecosystem through synergistic investments.

With a background in diagnostic and interventional radiology and as a co-founder of TeleClinic, Reinhard's journey exemplifies his dedication to advancing medical technology and patient care. His focus on giving innovative ideas a chance to improve health outcomes makes him a pivotal figure in driving the conference's mission forward, embodying the fusion of medical proficiency with technological advancement.

Prof. Dr. med. Christian Wallwiener

Managing Director


healthcare management
clinical expertise
strategic consulting

One-liner about Christian: With over 15 years of experience in healthcare as a physician, strategic consultant, and manager, Prof. Dr. Christian Wallwiener brings a wealth of expertise to the field.

At, Prof. Dr. Christian Wallwiener offers a unique blend of clinical expertise, strategic insight, and innovative thinking, making him a valuable asset to the conference. Before founding WMC, Christian Wallwiener worked with an international management consultancy. He is a physician with clinical training at TU Munich, Harvard University, and Oxford University, and he completed his habilitation in Experimental Gynecology.

Prof. Dr. Christian Wallwiener's presence at promises to inspire, educate, and drive meaningful conversations at the intersection of health and technology.